Transport prices will be hiked by 20% from 18th September 2021

The Matatu owners are in one talk after doing away with the strikes and decides that they will cooperate with the government of Jubilee. This has been aired out by Mr. Simon Mbugwa Nairobi matatu Sacco leader.

They have therefore decided to hike the transports by 20% which will be implemented from tomorrow 18th of September. This means that if the costs were 100kshs, they will rise to 120kshs to 150kshs.

This has happened after the rise of prices per litres of petrol and diesel three days ago.

What is the meaning of Jubilee? Can it be a liberation term? Or a good point of satisfaction after struggling with problems?

Kenyans will still cry for help because the costs of goods will be rising from 1st October after a high tax in the important goods and services.