The Maa Community talked one language of Unity

“Azimio LA Umoja” launch landed in Kajiado county today 13th of September.

This is after the third launch done at Kakamega county on Friday. The Mulembe nation applaud Honorable Amolo as the Senior politician who have played a positive role in the Kenyan community.

Among the politicians present were Mr. John Ndirangu and Governor Joseph Ole Lenku who were the visitors to be welcomed in the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) boat.

The speech that aired the region of Kajiado county was Unity! Unity! Unity!. 

Honorable Amolo talked about the need to put the country’s interest above their own desires. “The need to bring all the competing parties ahead  to unity”.

He stressed much on the need of helping women to attain economic empowerment as well as the future life of the young generation.

The Maa community is known for cultural ornaments like the use of beads to make good looking handbags among other things. Their culture can hence help them in sustaining their needs.