Strength of a Woman

When one describes a woman, she or he will start by telling her weakness in the community as an helper and not someone to head in any position of a country.

But when you sit down and think well, a woman have many chores to perform unlike man. She was made in a wonderful way that she can multitask unlike a man.

She is the one to wash utensils, clothes, children and even house. She is supposed to look for veggies, cereals and all sorts of foods in the market and cook for the family.

She is supposed to go to work before eight if she is employed. All the budget of the family comes from the genius brain of a woman a man is there to give his cash.

This is hence termed as the strength of a woman.

See these photos of ‘Mama Miradi’ Nominated Senator Millicent Omanga who loves her way of living as she visits many places doing the ‘miradis’.