St John Sinikwa teachers live in fear after an attack and thorough beatings by their form four students

Indiscipline cases of pupils and students have risen since the corporal punishment was banned in schools.

Mr. Nicholas Bett with his two colleagues Mr. John Naibei and Mr. Michael Odhiambo were a plan for corporal beatings by their three form four students of St. Johns Secondary Sinikwa.

The students attacked the homestead of Mr Nicholas Bett yesterday on 14th September at around 7:30 pm.

The two teachers Mr. Naibei and Mr. Odhiambo managed to escape from the hot temperatures of beatings and left Mr Bett behind.

It is said that they beaten their Mathematics teacher thoroughly that he could not walk well. His screams are what alerted the neighbors who arrived at his place and rescued him.

The incident was then reported by the two lucky teachers to Gitwamba Police Station but the three students are in a hiding place.

Hope the students will be punished for beating their teacher who can be also their parent.