Nominated Senator Omanga and her team aired live by Nairobi trader Kwamboka

Nominated Senator Hon. Millicent Omanga is getting into a hot soup of words from Nairobi trader Bevalyne Kwamboka. This is after the honourable claimed that she gave her cash to support her ‘waru’ (irish potatoes).

“When it was brought to my attention that Bevalyne Kwamboka had publicly requested for an umbrella to help shield her from rain and sun as she does her chips business I was out of the country but immediately dispatched my team to visit her and offer her the help she needed. My….”.

On the other hand, the trader says that the nominated senator team only donated potatoes worth 350kshs and it is a lie that she had her hand of support.

For clarification, team @MillicentOmanga only bought waru za 350 came out of the vehicle with 5 umbrellas, took photos returned them and gave out one and two aprons. Hiyo mambo ya cash haikua plus stock ni ya 350. Hizo waru gunia kubwa i had bought and started the day