Nobody can stop Reggae to One Love. Honourable Raila Ground hits hard

The most challenging times for politician’s are when they start campaigning for different seats in the country.  This is because their urge of getting the seats are usually in dreams which can only be fulfilled on General Election day.

The former Prime Minister Raila Amolo Odinga is the Senior politician who have vied for presidential seats for many years without succeeding to State House.

He has now changed his strategy to suit his plans of the fifth president coming 2022 August 9th.

It seems like the ground has welcomed him after changing his dancing style music from ‘Nobody Can Stop Reggae’ to ‘One Love’.

This is after the fall of Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) which was purposed to amend the 2010 constitution.

Huge gatherings are often seen in his meetings wherever he goes and that shows that he is hitting the ground hard.

There can be problems in regions like Coastal, Western and Mount Kenya where seems many voters are still in half doubt of supporting him but this can be changed in due time.