Kinyoro Police Station: No Land cruiser, no cells, no security lights and no water! Watu wanaumia

Kinyoro ward is in the Saboti Constituency headed by Member of Parliament (MP) Caleb Amisi under Governor Patrick Khaemba. The ward is also under the County Commissioner Sam Ojwang.

It is sad that the whole area of Kinyoro ward does not have a good police station building to help in the insecurity cases.

Residents today complained of the need of enough police officers in the area and also the county government of Trans Nzoia to build a station with enough cells of holding the criminals who break the laws.

An advantage have been taken by the law breakers because there are no land cruisers in the ward and it make it hard for the officers to wait for one from Kitale town.

There is no water around and this makes it hard for any chores to be conducted because water is life.

Kinyoro ward does not have security lights by its rough and pot holed roads. This leads up to theft and insecurity at odd hours before curfew hour.

It is a cry and the cry is at the right time for the Kinyoro ward residents. Never ever leap before you look. Choose your leaders wisely starting from the Member of County Assembly (MCA) to the Governor.