Kenyans cry as the costs of living is hiking day by day

The cost of living is expensive as everything have hiked unlike in one year back where you could go to a Supermarket with 1000kshs and have some balance after shopping. This is happening due to the high VAT which is added to the basic goods.

Kenyans woke up with sad news of a new price of petrol, diesel and kerosene. This have affected all citizens because petrol, diesel and kerosene are the backbone to all goods and services in the country.

It is a time when most Kenyans are depressed because of no employments and some business do not pick due to bad implementation of certain laws in the country.

The motorcycle businessmen of Eldoret are pleading with this Jubilee Government to have pity for Kenyans who hunger at the same time thirst for important goods like food.

Their cry is out at the time children should go to school with the required fees. Headed by Mr. Philip Kimaru, they have said that the only way to go is to hike the costs of transport to  cater for their needs too.

Petrol prices = 135kshs  per Litre difference of 7 shillings.

Diesel =115kshs per Litre

Kerosene hiked by 12kshs.

The costs are different in Mandera and Moyale counties where the costs goes to around 140kshs per Litre.

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