Kalonzo: Am ready am prepared am willing

“Am ready and prepared and willing to be the fifth President of Kenya”. Says honorable Kalonzo Musyoka wiper party leader and one of the One Kenya Alliance (OKA) principals.

His words have just come from the pressure given to him by his party members who wants him to flag high Ukambani region. An estimation of the voter numbers of Ukambani area is around 2 Million.

Kenya has a total of around 30-40 Million voters who will be electing their leaders on 9th August 2022.

The honourable have a tough duty to soothe the remaining percentage of Kenyans in giving him their votes.

Mount Kenya region have been a moving point to all the presidential candidates like; honourable Raila, honourable Mudavadi, Deputy President Dr. Ruto and honourable Kalonzo.

He says that his deputy president will be the current Kirinyaga Governor Ann Waiguru. Madam governor alias ‘minji minji’ (peas) is eyed by many presidential candidates like honourable Musalia among others.