Indeed PEACE is sweet! Olmoran embark to their activities

The closed schools in Olmoran, Laikipia West resumed learning today despite the small number. At Olmoran Primary School, the number amounted to 98 which is not half of 305 pupils.

Pupils of Tumaini Academy have been moved to St. Mark Olmoran so as to learn without fear.

It has been noted that among the five affected schools, only three reopened with less than 100% teachers who were to resume today.

The Rift Valley Regional Commander Mr. George Natembea have assured the residents peace as they embark to their homes and activities. The Government have also given them  some basic needs for a start.

Many people are happy about the situation in the area and posted these in their Facebook accounts;

  • Nyathuna,

Olmoran Primary School in

Laikipia reopen!

Happy to see children back to                school!   

  • Arthur Kamau,

Students and pupils are back to 

    school at Olmoran. Thank you

Governor Ndiritu Muriithi and

other leaders for this great


Laikipia is secure.

Bandits have no tribe, religion or

political parties.

Peace is sweet.

Indeed peace is sweet. Let’s pray for our country Kenya!