Hyena have killed two children aged one and two at Kinango area of Kwale County

God made everything in five days and saw that his work was good. On the sixth day, he made the controller of all the works of his hands and that is man Adam. On the seventh day, God rested and told humans that the Sabbath day was made because of them.

The snake lured Eve into eating the forbidden fruit and taking the fruit to his rib patner Adam and both of them fall into sin.

All that the Lord made in six days have lost its meaning and focus on their creator who is humble and merciful.

Animals were made by God and the Lord gave human being power over them! Today the animals have power in causing evil to human beings.

Kinango area of Kwale county have lost two children aged one and two years after being killed by the greedy hyena at their home while sleeping.

It seemed the door was open and it had a way to where the children were. Their mother was outside doing her morning chores and could not know what is going on.

Three people have been left with serious injuries and taken to hospital. This have been confirmed by Mr. Ombaka.

The residents heard the wails and came to fight the animal to death.

May I pass my condolences and please people take care of that greedy and fearful animal.