Hon. Musalia: I have challenged Kenyans to reflect on leaders they want to put in powers

Honourable Musalia Mudavadi of One Kenya Alliance had these to say after the meeting of One Kenya Alliance principals with Mount Kenya Foundation went down.

“I thank the Mount Kenya Foundation (MKF) for the warm welcome and the opportunity to present ourselves and our ideas to go, ideas that would make Kenya and not dismember it. I encourage such stakeholders dialogues by other organization groups so that at the end of the electoral process in August 2022,there will be a stable One Kenya”.

His message to the Mount Kenya community and Kenyans was was that we need to pull together as a country, embrace peace and unity for us to achieve a working economy that will benefit all Kenyans.

” I have challenged Kenyans  to reflect on the leaders they want to put in power and examine whom among them can be trusted by the leadership of the country.

He continued his speech by saying that they want Kenya that work towards having a leader who respects the value of law and has the lives of  every Kenyan at heart.

“Together we can change the destiny of our peoples. What we want to achieve is not a hustling nation but a thriving nation”.