From being an actor to MCA

Life is becoming hard to many people who used to work hard by their businesses after the closure of many working sectors due to Covid. Most of the comedians have been left begging for basic needs.

The trending actor Omosh Kizangila is a talented actor who have lost focus of his dreams. He is a lucky person who leaps before thinking.

He was seen at UDA (United Democratic Alliance centre and many Kenyans end up saying that he is already in the alliance for a 2022 seat.

He was yesterday phone called  by the two ‘Umbeya’ (gossipers) presenters Billy and Mbaruk while hosting the Radio Maisha drive show which is from 3pm to 7pm on weekdays.

Kizangila said that he has struggled much in getting his family needs and what he wants now is a permanent job for five years. He went on saying that he doesn’t have money for campaigning but he will talk well to convince his voters.

The seat that Kizangila talks about is the Kayole ward meaning he is eyeing the MCA (Member of County Assembly) seat.

All the best Kizangila.