Baba was welcomed like a king in his home town, Have a look of the photos

Honourable Raila is coming out to be the lover of Mount Kenya region. Today he went to the burial ceremony of Mama Grace Muthoni Mungai in the area of Ngecha which is in Kiambu county.

On his way back, there was a good number of citizens who flocked his way like a king who is welcomed in his home town. Unlike  in the past where the honourable was seen as a problem to anything negative that happens in the country. Truly handshake is working.

He therefore talked about his agenda of ‘Azimio LA Umoja’ with the residents who waved back at him with smiles of hopes. The residents said that they are happy about the ‘Azimio LA Umoja’ na tunaiunga (we back it).

Just a few questions to you who is reading this article, Will the honourable make it after failing in many General Elections? Will he put the country in a good economic status? Let’s wait and see the future with ‘Baba’.