A year older to two Radio Maisha presenters

Date  12th of September is the day to the top presenters at Radio Maisha. The ‘umbea’ (gossiper) man Mbaruk Mwalimu and Queen of the Airwave’s Mwende Macharia.

Presenter Mwende taken her celebrations to Tamarind Tree Hotel Nairobi.

Presenter Mbaruk had these to tell Kenyans; “I have enjoyed all the past years with my family and friends but this year birthday is a bit different, this young man from Mwachilongo is celebrating his first birthday in marriage, couldn’t be more happier than this. I have no idea what this year will bring forth but God I’m ready for all the amazing gifts you have in store for me, thank you in advance. Happy birthday to umbea king Mbaruk Mwalimu Makarani”.

“I’m a walking art of art like the GOAT that I am…Happy birthday to me…Best in the industry. The only umbea king in the universe”.

Happy Happy birthday Mbaruk and Mwende. Live to blow more success.