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Read this review to learn about our recommendations for the best pet insurance companies in North Carolina and pick a policy based on your furry friend’s needs.

Whether you live near the Blue Ridge Mountains in western North Carolina or in the rapidly growing Triangle area, veterinarian bills are rarely cheap. Pet insurance is a worthwhile investment for your peace of mind and ensures that you’ll be able to pay for any treatments or procedures your dog or cat may need after an unexpected accident or illness.

To help you choose which policy makes the most sense for your needs, the This Old House Reviews Team has reviewed the in the industry, comparing them on significant factors such as customer service, pricing, and overall coverage.

Additionally, to give you a general idea of plan pricing, we included sample quotes for various 4-year-old animals located in Charlotte, North Carolina, for policies with a $250 annual deductible, a $5,000 annual coverage limit (when applicable), and an 80% reimbursement rate.

North Carolina’s Top 5 Pet Insurance Providers

✔ Offers optional coverage for exam fees and physical therapy
✘ Doesn’t cover dental illness, which is offered by many competitors

✔ Has a charitable program that donates extra premium money to charities
✘ Requires medical records from a vet visit within 12 months of the policy start date to be eligible for coverage

✔ Offers extra preventative care for puppies and kittens less than 2 years old

Lemonade Plans and Coverage
Lemonade offers one accident and illness plan for coverage on costs related to incidents and conditions such as broken bones, poisonings, sprains, infections, cancer, heart disease, congenital conditions, and hereditary conditions. It doesn’t cover behavioral treatments, dental disease, elective procedures, or pre-existing conditions.

For a few extra dollars per month, you can opt for add-ons for vet visit fees and physical therapy coverage. You can also purchase preventative care at two coverage levels and additional monthly premiums. The cheaper plan covers one wellness exam, a fecal test, three vaccines, a heartworm test, and a blood test, whereas the other plan adds coverage for a routine dental cleaning and flea, tick, or heartworm medication.

Most Comprehensive Plan: Prudent Pet
Prudent Pet is a top pet insurance provider in North Carolina for its comprehensive Ultimate Plan, which includes reimbursements for extra costs like vacation cancellation fees and lost-pet replacement.
Offers unlimited coverage caps with the Ultimate Plan
Provides up to $1,000 for behavioral treatments with the Ultimate Plan
Has three coverage levels and monthly prices for preventative care

Get a quote from Prudent Pet by entering your ZIP code and pet’s details into this online form

Prudent Pet offers three plans with different levels of coverage on treatments, procedures, and other costs, such as emergency care, hospitalization, and surgery. The Accident-Only Plan includes $10,000 per year for accidents and injuries, such as bite wounds and broken bones. The Essential Plan includes $10,000 per year for those accidents plus cancer, hereditary conditions, hip dysplasia, and more

Unlike the other two plans, the Ultimate Plan comes with unlimited annual coverage f
or accidents and illnesses plus reimbursements for advertising and reward money if you ever lose your pet, the replacement cost of your lost pet if you don’t find it, boarding fees if you’re ever hospitalized for more than four days and can’t take care of your pet, mortality costs, and vacation cancellation fees due to your pet’s treatment.

You can also add coverage for vet visit and exam fees, and you can purchase preventative care for around $7–$25 extra per month for $210, $315, or $460 of total annual per-item limits for treatments like a wellness exam, fecal exam, vaccinations, and microchip implantation.

Best Coverage Limit: Healthy Paws

For unlimited per-incident, lifetime, and annual coverage limits with your accident and illness plan, we recommend Healthy Paws
Some highlights include

Offers affordable monthly rates compared to other providers’ unlimited coverage options
Has more than 11 years of experience in the pet insurance industry
Provides a comparison tool when your quote is higher than average to help you find the best price for your policy

✔ Has donated more than $1 million to help homeless pets
✘ Offers fewer customization options for deductibles and reimbursement rates than many competitors
✔ Claims to process most claims within two days of filing
✘ Doesn’t provide preventative care add-ons

✔ Provides a mobile app for policy management and claims filing
✘ Doesn’t offer a multi-pet discount like many other providers do Healthy Paws Plans and Coverage

Healthy Paws provides one plan with unlimited annual coverage caps for veterinary bills related to accidents and illnesses, including diagnostic treatments, X-rays, blood tests, surgery, hospitalization, cancer treatments, prescription medications, specialty care, and alternative treatments. This means you’ll never reach a limit for the maximum amount you can claim on these costs during a year of coverage.

Healthy Paws doesn’t cover exam or vet visit fees, cosmetic procedures such as tail docking or declawing, spay or neuter surgery, preventive care, and pre-existing conditions that arise before the end of the 15-day coverage waiting period.

offers the best deductibles in the industry and has a unique Healthy Pet Deductible, which helps lower your deductible each year you don’t file a claim on your policy.

✔ Provides preventative care with 100% reimbursement for covered treatments
✘ Doesn’t offer coverage limit options above $30,000, which is lower than many competitors
✔ Offers a 5% discount for military members
Charges a $1-per-month installment fee that can be avoided by paying annually rather than monthly
>✔ Has a two-day waiting period for accidents, which is shorter than the 14 to 15-day period provided by most competitors

Embrace Plans and Coverage
Embrace’s standard pet insurance plan covers both accidents and illness, including cancer, chronic conditions, congenital conditions, allergies, dental trauma, genetic conditions, and more. It doesn’t cover orthopedic conditions that arise during the first six months of the policy, elective procedures, and pre-existing conditions that arise before the end of Embrace’s waiting periods.

For 100% reimbursement on preventative care treatments, such as routine vet visits, microchipping, spay or neuter surgery, vaccinations, anal gland expression, prescription diet foods, and more, you can purchase Embrace’s Wellness Rewards Plan. It offers three different annual coverage limit options of $250, $450, or $650.
Accident and Illness Plan
Accident and Illness Plan with Wellness Rewards Plan
Best Holistic Coverage: Petplan
Unlike some other pet insurance providers, Petplan offers full coverage on holistic therapies, such as hydrotherapy, stem cell therapy, and acupuncture, that may be recommended by your vet after an accident or illness

Includes up to $1,000 for behavioral treatments
✘ Plan prices for older pets can be considerably higher than other providers
✔ Provides up to $1,000 for virtual vet visits and telehealth costs
✘ Doesn’t offer any preventative care add-ons
✔ Covers exam fees with its standard policy, which aren’t covered by many other providers
✘ Requires each pet to be examined by a vet within six months of the policy’s start date to be eligible for coverage

Petplan provides one pet insurance coverage plan for costs related to your pet’s accidents and illnesses. Covered vet bills include treatments for chronic and hereditary conditions, prescription medications, surgery, rehabilitation, cancer treatments, specialist treatments, imaging, and more.

It doesn’t cover elective procedures, issues related to breeding or pregnancy, and pre-existing conditions that arise before or during the 15-day waiting period.

Petplan also includes a few extra reimbursements with its accident and illness plan, including up to $1,000 for lost-pet advertising and reward money, boarding fees if you’re ever hospitalized for more than four days and can’t take care of your pet, and vacation cancellation fees if your pet’s treatments require you to change plans for your scheduled trip.

There are plenty of pet insurance companies in North Carolina to choose from, but these five companies offer the best policies in the state.

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