WonderCube – A Cool Smartphone Gadget

The WonderCube combines functions of smartphone accessories into a single appliance…that only takes up one square inch of space. The WonderCube is small enough to fit on a keychain, and enables users to utilize their phone to its fullest capacity at all times. The WonderCube is compatible with all current devices, from Android to iPhone.

Built-In Cable

The Wondercube hides within its one inch frame a three inch USB cord. When not in use, the cord retracts completely inside the WonderCube, and can be extended in a pinch when you need to connect your phone to a friend’s computer.

Charge On-the-Go

The WonderCube can charge your phone in two ways. Of course, it can be plugged into any USB capable device, but users also have the option of plugging in a 9V battery to the WonderCube for over 3 hours of battery life. This function comes in handy when camping, or during a dreaded power outage.

 Extra Memory

The USB functionality is not simply for charging or connection capabilities. The WonderCube also offers anywhere from 16 to 64GB of extra memory. Although this function is not yet usable on iPhones, Mutants DesignLab is hard at work to make it happen as soon as possible.

LED Flashlight

The Cube includes a small light to be used if necessary. Since the Cube hangs on your keychain, the Cube offers accessibility beyond the flashlight apps on your smartphone.

Phone Stand

A non-electronic function of the Cube is its ability to work as a stand for your phone. Micro suction cups attach to the back of your phone, and allow it to be propped up vertically or horizontally for portrait or landscape viewing.

How to Get a WonderCube

As the company behind the Cube is an IndieGoGo start-up, the product is still being produced at the current time, and supplies are currently very limited. They are expected to be available in August 2015, and will cost $69. Extra flash drive space can be purchased as well. Mutants DesignLab is also offering bulk sales of 10 WonderCubes for $459.

WonderCube Pro


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