Wonder phone has 4G and free Faiba to Faiba calls

Sometimes smartphones are an inconvenience. For one reason or another, you may also need to have a feature phone. Faiba 4G has released Wonder phone for about 3000 that has 4G. In addition to that, it allows you to make free Faiba to Faiba calls. How cool is that? Here is what else the phone has.

Wonder phone Features

You get a dual SIM phone with 4GB storage, 512MB RAM, Bluetooth support, Wi-Fi Support, with a 1400mAh battery. There is a logo at the back of the phone, looking like an inverted Xiaomi logo.

It is a semi-smart feature phone because it runs the new KaiOS for feature phones . If you’re a tech enthusiast, you’ve definitely already heard about KaiOS. It is an operating system based on Linux that features baked-in support for 4G, VoLTE, GPS and Wi-Fi. The apps are HTML5-based, the interface is well optimized, memory requirements are low, and so is the energy consumption.

You can access apps and websites. But of course, the standout feature is access to Google services like Maps, and the Google Assistant. In Kenya, TECNO and Nokia already have feature phones running the OS. Although it may seem like these aren’t popular devices to some people, in India KaiOS devices are already second place in market share, beating Apple’s iOS. Google has invested a lot of money in the project.

Reasons to buy it

  1. Faiba to Faiba calls will be free. Would be so good if everyone at home has one so that you communicate free.
  2. The phone can work as a hotspot point to tether to other devices.
  3. It is a Dual SIM device so you can use other SIM cards too.

If you live in an area with Faiba coverage, it will do you good to have one of these. You can order yours via the Faiba website below.



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