Cowboy 3 Electric bike is out packed with new features.

Electric bikes are a thing in most parts of the world. A Belgian company manufuctured the Cowboy 3, an upgrade to the previous models. The Cowboy 3 packs a lot of features that we’ll talk about through the article.

Cowboy 3 review

The body design

The Cowboy 3 parts are crafted using a metal alloy that is durable and able to sustain your weight. There are 3 color variants to chose from, black and 2 shades of grey. The wheels are made from rubber and hardened using a material to make them puncture proof. In addition to that, there is a large battery that can take you for a long while. A 3,5 hour charge is necessary before you use the bike.

The battery is removable and it stands behind the seat. Its chain is also made of carbon and you don’t have to use grease on it. Additionally, the gears have been tweaked. Lights at the front at the back are available for braking.

Its features

The gears tweaked on the machine so there is a low gear ratio hence it is easy to ride uphill. An app is also available for use with the bike. It enables crash detection which means a notification appears on your screen. However, when you don’t respond your emergency contacts are notified.

Theft detection is also another feature so you get notified when someone who’s not you moves your bike.

The e bike retails for 2495 $ and you can buy yours from the link below. you have 3 color options, black and 2 shades of grey.

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