Panasonic joins race for truly wireless earbuds

Panasonic is a popular manufucturer of audio equipment like speakers. They have joined the race for truly wireless earbuds with 2 earbuds released at the CES 2020. I must say I’m impressed by its battery life. Here is a review of what the earbuds all about.

Panasonic wireless earbuds review

The body

These feature a beautiful in ear design that fits into your ear. The tip has a silver Finnish to it. There are buttons at the sides for commands for receiving calls and stopping / resuming media playback. In addition to that, their charging case is wide so it packs a large battery for recharging your earbuds. The earbuds are available in 2 variants. One supports ANC while the other doesn’t. They ship in mint green, black and white.


For this pair, you get beautiful sound via the audio boosters. Noise cancellation is made possible by the feed foward and feedback NC. You can also use the Panasonic app to adjust the ANC levels. You also get ambient mode on the device.

The earbuds last up to 7.5 hours on standalone and up to 30 hours when recharged by a full case. Additionally, IPX4 certification is available. This means that they are splash resistant. You also get Google Assistant support. Alexa is compatible too.

The earphones are yet to start selling but you can check out for availability via the link below. They ship in black and white models. However, you can get a mint green variation for the RZ – S300W.



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