Handwashing reminders on Samsung smartwatches

At such a time in the world, handwashing is a very useful activity. It helps kill germs on your hands, but how often will you remember this. Samsung unveiled a new feature to help you create a handwashing routine on its smart wearables. It even set a countdown so that handwashing could be effective.

Samsung handwashing app

Samsung has developed an app to provide a clear guide on how, and how regularly, users should be washing their hands. The Hand Wash app, discoverable by searching ‘Hand Wash’ in the Watch section of the Galaxy Store, helps users to remember to wash their hands at regularly scheduled intervals throughout the day.

Handwash app

To help you engage in regular handwashing, the Hand Wash app includes an alarm function; users can select the Reminders button to add or modify the timings of their alarms.


Washing Your Hands Thoroughly & ProperlyIt takes longer than you may think to wash your hands thoroughly. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends washing your hands for at least 20 seconds. This is where the countdown function of the Hand Wash comes in useful. The countdown is 25 seconds long, including 5 seconds for applying soap and 20 seconds for scrubbing.


Once you receive the alarm notification that it is time to wash your hands, you can easily tap and swipe your Watch to start the counter, which will provide haptic feedback as well graphics once the timer starts. Furthermore, all Galaxy Watches are waterproof, so there is no need to remove the watch once you go to wash your hands.

While setting regular alarms is a good way to maintain your handwashing habit, of course there could be times between these intervals where other instances arise that require you to keep your hands hygienic, such as visiting the bathroom, preparing food and having a meal. On the Hand Wash app’s dashboard, users can easily keep track of how long it has been since they last washed their hands, as well as review their daily handwashing target number and how many times they have washed their hands so far in a day. If users find themselves washing their hands before their next scheduled reminder alarm, users can just tap the ‘Wash now’ button before washing their hands to disable the upcoming alarm


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