Xiaomi Mi true wireless 2 earbuds has great battery life

Xiaomi is a popular mobile brand that is well known worldwide. In addition to that, xiaomi produces wireless earphones. They recently released Xiaomi Mi True Wireless earphones which pack a lot of functionality. Here’s what those badboys have

Xiaomi Mi design

The Mi features a lightweight design that feels comfortable to wear. At only 50 grams, the pair fit into your ear in a snug way and don’t fall off easily. They ship in color white and have a white charging case with a charging indicator.

The charging box has a flat top and base. Its activation button is on one side and the charging port at the bottom. The case charges via a USB type C port and a full charge takes an hour. Xiaomi Mi wireless 2 can last 4 hours and 14 hours with the case.


The pair consists of 14.2 nm speaker drivers that provide full deep bass. The LHDC technology is embeded to provide quality sound. In addition, active noise cancellation is made possible by the dual mic system.

An IR sensor senses that you have taken off your headset hence pauses the music playback. Bluetooth 5.0 is also embedded to make connectivity smooth. For Xiaomi phones, a popup window also occurs once you have paired your earbuds before hence it’s easier.

In the box

In the box you get the following

  • A user manual
  • A type C cable for charging
  • The Xiaomi Mi wireless charging case
  • Xiaomi Mi earbuds

You can buy your copy via the link below

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