Safaricom Intensifies Fight Against Identity Theft Through ‘Tuwaanike Campaign’

For years Safaricom has tried to fight their way against identity theft and it has further taken measures to help its subscriber’s not loose colossal amount of cash from their M-Pesa accounts which has been happening from time to time.

Fraudsters keep up to date with current affairs and use sophisticated methods to access customer account and wipe their account clean. According to Safaricom IT tech, they customize their cons to fit the relevant context and to befit the latest Safaricom Promotions which some very promising to the customers.

Safaricoms subscribers are often tricked into revealing their information such as ID card number or their pin which the fraudsters use to swap their sim cards and empty their accounts within a short period of time, mobile bankers are also the target as the fraudsters continue finding some ingenious ways of getting to their accounts, sometime even taking loans using their details

Here are some of the consequences if identity theft.

They can use your details in criminal activity such as money laundering, threatening other people, terrorism activity etc.

They can operate anonymously using your name and your details. They can defraud the rest of the public using your name and defame you with your family, friends, colleagues or business associates.

They can receive or transfer funds for the fraudments activities which law enforcement will trace back to you thus creating legal trouble for you.

Illegal activities carried out using your line could be traced back to you e.g. kidnappings, robbery, carjacking etc.

The imposter can take loans using your details fuliza or okoa jahazi thus putting you debt.

Safaricom has tried to develop measures to ensure that your details and your money remains safe. The latest tool ‘tuwanike’ limits double simcard registration which is one loophole the fraudsters have been taking advantage of.

With the ‘tuwanike ’tool Safaricom will ask your confirmation when your ID number is used to register another line. The sim registration alert notification will prompt you to agree to the registration or to cancel by selecting ‘yes’ or ‘no’. This is to let you know that no other number will be registered under your name without your knowledge.

To find out how many lines have been registered using your ID, call 100 from your Safaricom line.


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