NTSA Wants To Bans Use Of Cash On Matatus.

One of the preventions measure of the corona virus is avoiding touching surfaces which may also include money so as mitigate the spread of the virus to more people. The use of cashless transfer may really help in this time.

The National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA), wants to ban the use of cash for matatu fares across the country. In a notice issued earlier today, the authority plans to introduce mandatory use of cashless payments for Public Service Vehicles.

The system is yet to be implemented and once it does the system will be rolled out, customers will be forced to use cashless modes of payment like mobile money to pay fare.The authority says the move will help “provide a platform for deployment of an effective contact tracing (passage manifest) application to support the Government’s effort in addressing the coronavirus pandemic.” Through the CBK, the government helped slash the transaction fees on all mobile payment transfers below Ksh 1000, even though it has been hurtful to mobile payment providers.

In 2014, the government tried to introduce a cashless payment system for use in the matatu industry but the idea was flunked due to retaliation from matatu operators who saw it as a way to track their daily earnings for taxation related issues, says BusinessDailyAfrica. On the other hand the system will help the matatu operators to check their daily earnings in real time to avoid mismanagement of their income.


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