Google’s ‘Sodar’ AR tool uses your camera to help enforce social distancing

As the world is suffering from a novel pandemic coronavirus; all the health officials are asking people to follow social distancing norms and to take care of their hygiene. For a similar reason, some of the famous and influential tech platforms and companies are working to beat COVID-19.

Google, has created a brand new augmented reality tool. The tool will help people follow social distancing norms and rules when they have to leave their house to fulfill some necessity. The project that Google has created is called ‘Sodar‘. It is an experimental project which was introduced by ‘Experiments with Google’ team in a Tweet.

The experiment will create a ring of two meters or a six-foot radius around the person using the AR tool, which will tell you how much distance you have from the person in front of you. The ring created with your phone’s screen and back camera. This tool’s primary purpose is to visualize how far six feet is and how much more distance is one need to stay safe during the pandemic. Sodar will help people in adjusting to the new regular routine as the pandemic increases or decreases, and as lockdown goes on.

The technology of Sodar uses WebXR. WebXR is for visualizing the social distance guidelines for the users according to the environment and region they live in. Sodar is available on almost all the devices. But a few are still left on which it is not yet support. People can use Sodar at their disposal and learn about proper distance meters however .

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