Breaking record! Redmi sells over 100,000 S Earbuds in just 7 days

However today we are here to report more than just the specifications, but that the brand has just reached an incredible milestone: more than 100,000 units of the Redmi Earbuds S were sold in just 7 days!

The sales data were provided by Xiaomi Data Center and count from May 27, when sales started at the price of 1,799 rupees, equivalent to approximately R $ 121 reais.

The manufacturer announced the milestone on its official Twitter account:

To get a sense, Xiaomi says that this figure is equivalent to 15% of wireless headset sales worldwide in the quarter. In India alone, sales of this type of accessory grew by 700% in 2019 and Redmi and Xiaomi are increasingly close to conquering an increasing share of this market, which is currently dominated by Samsung.


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