Kenyan Company Comes Up with Automated Water Meters and Billing Programme.

A Kenyan Technology company has automated water meter and billing process to ease how consumers get the services.

Kaiote Limited (www.kaiote.io), a Nairobi based tech startup, has successfully deployed its proven IoT (Internet of Things) enabled water metering and billing solution.

This is in partnership with Rabera Water Limited.

Rabera Water is a private water utility operating in Kahawa Sukari, Nairobi. The utility has now fully transitioned from a manual water metering and billing system to an automated solution complete with a mobile money payment option.

Kaiote deployed LoRaWAN® enabled Zenner water meters and built a Low Powered Wide Area Network (LPWAN) to provide connectivity between the meters and the Kaiote cloud-based data collection and processing platform.

Zenner is a German technology company specializing in the manufacturing of smart water meters, heat meters and gas meters.

Despite the global supply chain disruptions as a result of covid-19 pandemic, Kaiote has managed to successfully design and deploy this end-to-end automated water metering and billing system.

This will be the first of many commercial deployments in East Africa and the continent at large.

“we are excited to roll out the Kaiote solution and anticipate reducing our processing time (reading meters and then sending individual bills to clients) by up to 70 percent.”

 “The pilot phase suggested that automation of the process means quicker, systematic and accurate collection of usage data and payments,” said Mr. Martin Kitetu, Head of Operations, Kaiote

Kaiote is a technology startup providing simplified monitoring and automation system for companies, social enterprises, public sector and non-profit organizations integrating various wireless technologies.

They include  GSM, SigFox, LoRA, Weightless, Bluetooth and others into one seamless agnostic platform. Kaiote is a joint venture between EED Advisory (Nairobi, Kenya) and Griot Systems (Atlanta, Georgia USA).

Kaiote is focused on furthering the adoption and implementation of IoT and ML/AI across Africa and other emerging markets


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