Huawei: 5G, Big Data and AI will help us prevail against Covid 19.

Catherine Chen, corporate senior vice president and director of the board at Huawei, delivered a keynote speech during a recent online event, during which she highlighted the important role that technology will play in conquering the pandemic

Next generation connectivity has a leading role to play in helping fight the global Covid 19 pandemic, according to a senior executive at Huawei.

During a recent online event, Catherine Chen, corporate senior vice president and director of the board at Huawei, said that 5G, AI and Big Data all had a role to play in overcoming the pandemic, which has so far claimed 372,000 lives around the world.  

“It is true that technological progress has helped us respond to such global

Crises more efficiently. In 2003, it took the world nearly four months to finish sequencing the SARS genome. This year, it took only a week to decode COVID-19’s genome. This is thanks to high-throughput DNA sequencing technologies. Using a wide range of advanced medicines and technologies, like ECMO, has also made treating patients more effective,” said Chen.

In addition, new technologies have helped better protect healthcare workers and make their work more effective. These technologies include 5G, big data, and AI, with new approaches such as remote consultation, mobile ward rounds and infrared body-temperature monitoring,” she added.

Earlier this year, Huawei succeeded in getting a 5G network up and running in just 3 days at the Huoshenshan Hospital in Wuhan, the epicenter of the outbreak.

“This ultra-fast “5G setup” is not simply the result of hard work. It was also made possible by the simplified design of our 5G products and solutions. Our 5G micro base stations can be deployed almost anywhere, like on lamp poles. 5G AAU has made many things such as connecting cables super easy.

“Technological progress may not be able to help us defeat the virus in one move. However, it does help us run faster in this race against the virus,” she added.

Chen reiterated Huawei’s message that it is only through close collaboration and by fostering a collegiate atmosphere that mankind can reap the full benefits of technological advancement.

“We need to be clear that technology alone is not advanced enough to take on COVID-19 and its accompanying challenges. We must dig deeper into the healthcare domain, by exploring things like new drugs and vaccines. In the modern world, we have fantastic communications network coverage. But even now, the pandemic is exposing many weaknesses.

“As demand for network connections and speed surged in many areas, media platforms like Netflix and YouTube were forced to lower video bit rates. Some countries even suggested that their citizens limit what times they access the Internet to ease network pressure.


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