OnePlus inadvertently Disables X-Ray Filter During An Update Sent To Its Global Phones.

OnePlus accidentally pushed an over-the-air update that disables a filter that can see through some thin black plastics and in certain cases, clothes.

Though OnePlus said on May 19 that it would temporarily disable the filter in the Chinese version of its Operating System in an update, the company had not planned on removing the filter from its global software. Instead, OnePlus said it would update the filter. The recent update moved the filter for people outside of China anyway.

The filter called “Photochrom,” creates an X-Ray- like effect by using the infrared sensors built into the OnePlus 8 Pro to capture light that is not visible to the human eye. The feature was intended to be used to create interesting-looking photos. But it came under scrutiny once people realized that it could sometimes see through clothing.

You can get a good look at how the filter sees through black plastic in the photos below this post. You can now get an idea of how the filter can see through the black plastic. According to some research, it was found out that it only works on very thin black plastic that is already a little see-through in the right light and that it is “hit or miss” with clothing.

The Photochrom filter was “temporarily removed for adjustment” according to update notes seen by XDA Developers. The notes also said that the filter was expected to return “around June,” without disclosing an exact time, according to XDA Developers. “This OTA inadvertently went out to a limited number of devices,” said a OnePlus spokesperson in a statement. “It will be re-enabled in the next over-the-air update,” the spokesperson said. OnePlus also shared this statement on its forums.


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