The apple $700 mac pro wheels kit

Apple just unveiled the Mac Pro Wheels and Feet Kit, upon which to mount its top-of-the-line computer for $699 and $299, respectively.

If you configure your current generation Mac Pro, with the standard feet when purchasing it, you can now choose to give it some added mobility with wheels instead. The kit features four stainless steel and rubber wheels, which Apple insists will “make it easy to move your Mac Pro around, whether sliding it, out from under your desk or across your studio.” The wheels add approximately one inch of height to the Mac Pro’s frame compared to the feet.


To watch MKBHD video about the mac pro wheels, where he dives deep about the purpose why apple decided to release these wheels you can watch it below


The kit, which appears on Apple’s website  , includes four wheels, an installation guide . Sure, the Mac Pro is an extremely powerful machine (which may well enter our list of the best computers for graphic design) but… $699… for wheels.

A set of four wheels at $699. The starting price of the mac pro is $5999. A replacement set of wheels for the MacOS powered beast is a massive eleven percent of the retail price. What is going on here?

We accept, of course, that the Mac Pro isn’t aimed at most creatives – it’s more likely to be found inside a high-powered production suite than your average apartment, but Apple is definitely on a roll when it comes to expensive accessories. You can bag yourself a new iPad for the same price as the $399 Magic Keyboard for the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, for example.

the $699 wheels kit


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