Personalization tools you should have before June 2020

One thing i love about the Android platform is the fact that it packs a massive range of personalization tools. This means that you can tweak almost everything if not everything. You can change how your text appears, you can remove stock apps so you don’t have to live with the old boring look of your phone. Rooting your device even makes it better (if you don’t turn your phone into a brick instead)

Here are 3 cool apps that will help personalize your phone in ways you can’t imagine.

1. Ultra volume app

Do you hate the way your volume bar looks like? This app helps you solve that. This app lets you tweak your volume bar and change it to whatever design you desire. You have options to change it to emulate iOS volume bar, MUI volume slider and many others

All you have to do is download the app and give it permissions then select your desired option then voila, there you have it.

Download the app from playstore if it is of interest to you.


2. Energy bar

This second app will enable you to add functionality and color to your notification bar. It lets you use part of your notification bar as a battery indicator. It requires usage access so you have to enable it on the settings page and you’re good to go.

his app is totally free and does not require root access so you don’t have to worry about rooting your phone.

Download link


3. Energy ring

Are you tired of looking at your plain hole punch display. Here’s what you can do to add some functionality to it. This personalization app is similar to the energy bar, its main difference being its compatibility with phones having a hole punch display.

Once you have this tool installed, you can then configure the app in any way you wish to. The interface is pretty simple and straightforward so you’ll figure that part out yourself.

Download link



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