Oyo personal trainer will help you work out at home

During this Quarantine period, all these enforced laws make it hard for you to attend your gymn. This means that you can only do basic excercises at home or maybe go out for a run. However, the Oyo Personal trainer will help you work out and build muscle at home. The equipment is used in space to help astronauts work out and the success rate is high.

Oyo trainer design


the Oyo trainer only weighs approximately 1.6 kg but it packs a full body training package that will help you in strength building and toning your body. The body is made of heavy duty polymer hence it is durable. Stainless steel cables provide resistance for your strength training so you won’t need replacing as they are durable.

How it works

After purchasing your package, you can download their app via http://www.oyofitness.com then set it up. You will have access to excercise videos on this platform which will help in your workouts. In addition to this, there are various workouts uploaded by other users and you can even upload yours.

The package is cpable of giving you a full body workout, ranging from the following:

  • Muscle building
  • Increasing flexibility of your body
  • Burning fat
  • Strengthening your chest, back, arms, core, abs, legs
  • Increasing cardio endurance

This product can also be paired with other forms of excercise for the perfect workout.

In the package

Your shipment arrives in package with the following items

  • Product guides
  • Nutrition guides
  • Access to excercise and workout videos
  • 3 resistance flexpacks
  • The Oyo personal trainer

The product is available at Amazon for both beginners and advanced training modes. The only difference apart from the price is that the advanced package ships with attachment bars to attach to your door or walls for some excercises.

You can order yours from the link below



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