Escobar gold 11 pro: read this before you purchase it.

Early this year, Escobar’s brother launched a new phone, the Escobar fold. The phone was golden in color and it made rounds in the internet, advertised by ladies in flashy clothing. There was a buzz in the internet and the phone was sent to influencers to increase it’s popularity so that there would be more sales.

Some YouTubers who received the package and reviewed it made shocking discoveries. They found out that the Escobar fold was only a Samsung Galaxy fold smartphone, and the only difference was that it had golden stickers with the Escobar logo imprinted onto it. Some were even able to peel out the golden sticker from the phone.

Escobar fold

Despite this red flag, when the phone started selling, people made their orders, some making orders in packs. The Escobar website accepts payments in either bitcoin or bank to bank transfer which is completely not reversible. This was clearly another flag, but why would Escobar scam you of your cash. Long story cut short, the people who ordered their phones are still waiting for them.

One eternity later….

Those who made the orders were sent a copy of a book having the tracking number of the phone. This was meant to be reassurance that their phones were in transit and make more people order theirs.

Ater on, Escobar fold 2 was launched. Now I’m surprised that some people made orders on this one, 🤦🏿‍♂️. I mean why would you be stupid to order from a company receiving negative feedback after scamming people about their Escobar fold phone.

Escobar fold 2

On 29th May, some YouTube influencers, Marques Brownlee and Arun Maini were sent a copy of the “new” gold 11 pro. Escobar claims the phone is gold coated. You don’t need rocket science knowledge to guess that this is an iPhone 11 pro that is coated in gold. I know people will make orders of this phone and expect a delivery.

Before you make an order to purchase this phone, just do the math and don’t buy it.

MKBHD video https://youtu.be/Ns8ydpZ5-4o

MrWhoseTheBoss video


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