Printpen by Evebot: prints on all surfaces

At some point of your life, you’ve probably wanted to brand some item you own but you couldnt. A company named Evebot developed the printpen to help you print on any surface. The gadget is portable and compact in design so you can carry it everywhere you need it to be.

Printpen features


Having dimensions 174 * 53 * 30 mm, the Printpen weighs only 250 g hence it’s portable to carry around to wherever it is that you may need it. It is available in color white. Its printhead is 26mm wide so you are able to print wider text at once. Its printing resolution is 300 dpi hence clear printouts.


The 1200 mAh battery packed in the PrintPen enables you to print 2000 standard points after a full charge. A USB type C port is available to recharge your printer. The standard size is 100 * 26 mm in size. The cartridge can print 3500 times the standard size before you need a refill. Cartridges for recharge are available in skin friendly red, black, navy blue and invisible ink colors.

How it works

After purchasing your printer, you have to download their exebot mobile assistant app to your device. You’ll also need to recharge the pen until its battery is full then pair it with your phone via wifi. Next you’ll need to upload your image to the app then press print and you’re good to go. In order to print onto a surface, you just have to slide the printer head onto the surface and voila, your image is transferred.

PrintPen at work

The PrintPen can print on uneven, rough or textured surfaces. You can also print on textiles, paper, ceramics, glass, metal, wood or leather materials. This printer is a beautiful way to express your creativity and it can even work as an extension with a series of gadtets.

In the box

  • A printpen
  • Blue skin friendly ink

The printer is available only in white and you can order yours via the link below



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