KEEP; safe storage technology for your stash

Technology is coming up in ways we never imagined it would. A company decided to develop a storage container to help you store your stash safely so nobody else can access it. KEEP storage manages to store it away from plain sight in a stylish and modern way.

The KEEP’s design

This container was designed with modern aesthetics hence it looks appealing to the eyes. To make it hideous, an LED clock is displayed at the front. Weather information is also visible. The top of the box is 3.3 * 8.8 inches and the capacity of the container is around 2 kg. The KEEP storage container is available in chalk white nad slate black colors.

KEEP slate black version

Major features

Don’t let the appearance of this box fools you as it packs a ton of security features to keep your weed safe and fresh. Once you obtain the gadget, you have to install the KEEP mobile app which is downloadable from their website. Next you’ll need to set up your face for facial recognition security. Your container will notify you when someone tries to open it or even move it an inch.

Organisation pods

The KEEP container connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth or WiFi so you can unlock it remotely. In addition to a large capacity, the container has organisation pods to keep different products separately. There are also additional LED lights at the interior to help you find what you looking for even in dark environment.

A temperature thermometer helps to regulate temperature in the box to keep your stash fresh. With all this tech packed into a storage container, I’m not surprised the gadget received the innovation award at the CES 2020

In the box

  • A keep storage box
  • One set of organisation pods
  • A removable rolling tray
  • 1 USB charging cable

The container ships in chalk white and slate black colors and it is available for pre-order for around 152 $ . If the item is of interest to you, check it out by visiting the page below.



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