Vietnam Set-Up As The New Manufacturing Point For Apple’s Airpods.

If you may be fortunate to have a pair of Airpods maybe you should just take a glance at the Air pod’s case. You will notice some writing made in China. According to some research, some Apple Airpods Pro cases now say the headphones are assembled on Vietnam.This indicates that the American Company may be reducing its reliance on Chinese Manufacturing. Typically, Airpods Pro units contain a message on the back of the case that says the device was assembled in China. Here’s a photo of what the new message looks like:

Apple famously assembles a large majority of its products in China. But the company has shown interest in, and even made size able foreign investments towards diversifying its manufacturing.

I guess everyone knows about the economic feud that has been going on with the United States and China and the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the two nations. Apple also claims that China imposed tariffs on some Apple products and components and put pressure on CEO Tim Cook’s lobbying efforts with the Trump administration. Way back in the year 2017, Apple had begun assembling some iPhone models in India, too.

In February, for example, Apple issued a rare investor note saying that the worldwide iPhone supply would be “temporarily constrained” as its manufacturing partners in China ramped back up amid the outbreak. According to some report, Apple was considering moving some of its manufacturing to Vietnam due to the trade war as well.

It is unclear, what percentage of Airpods Pro are manufactured in Vietnam or if Apple plans to make more products in the country. The information reported on Tuesday that it plans to use factories in Vietnam to manufacture a pair of as-of-yet-unannounced over-ear headphones, though Apple is apparently going to manufacture some of the headphones in China as well.


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