Ovis suitcase will literally follow you everywhere you lead it

Personally, I find it cumbersome to push suitcases when I’m travelling. A company named ForwardX Robotics developed the Ovis suitcase to solve the problem of having to pull your suitcase. Let’s dive into the nitty-gritties of this wonderful piece of lifesaving technology.

Ovis suitcase

Ovis design details

The Ovis suitcase ships in a sturdy build to withstand the weight of anything you’ll pack into it. It’s outer case made out of PC Makrolon material that is hardy and looks extremely stylish. The body’s dimensions are 4.9 * 8.7 * 21.6 inches. At the interior, there is polyester fiber finnishing giving it a beautiful look.

The suitcase weighs 5.897 kg and has a carrying capacity of 34 litres. You have a variety of colors to chose from, among them nova white, ion silver, carbon black or galaxy blue.


Ovis is the first AI suitcase to be ever developed and it rolls alongside you as you walk. This will free you giving you ability to give other areas attention.The suitcase is powered by a 96.3 Wh lithium ion battery that doubles as a charger for up to 2 devices. In addition to that, the battery lasts 13 miles after a full charge and 1 to 2 days in standby.

The top speed of the suitcase is 7.2 km/h and the battery charges to its full capacity in less than 3 hrs. The suitcase has IP56 water resistance and has the Ovis auto follow studio technology embedded onto it. What this means is that it can take pictures and videos via its 5 MP HD camera which is great for your insta and snapchat stories.

Ovis can be used at airports all around the world. During the checkups, all you have to do is pull out the battery by unzipping the rear pocket.

If you have deep pockets, you can order yours via the link below



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