Kai wristband for gesture controlling your electronics

If you are a Marvel fan, chances are that you know Tony Stark. In some episodes of the Avengers, Tony Stark is seen controling his 3D computer using hand gestures. A company named Vicara developed a similar technology through the Kai wristband. The Kai wristband enables you to control your gadgets by gestures. enables the same

Gesture control on Tony’s computer

Kai wristband operation

The wristband is designed out of durable plastic material and meant to be worn at the palm of the hand by the 4 fingers. It ships in four different colors so there is variety to chose from. Kai operates on electrical energy and is powered by an inbuilt battery that could last 8 hours after a full charge.

The wristband connects to your gadgets via Bluetooth. Bluetooth Low energy 5.0 is used in this device so it consumes less energy during operation. You have to download the control center app on your device in order to map what function you want every gesture to perform.

Kai used as a controller

Instead of using a camera for tracking your gestures, the band utilises internal finger tracking technology. This means that the presence of good lighting is not a useful variable while using this gadget. In addition, the technology tracks the slightest movements of the wrist and fingers and processes it to perform the predefined function.

You can also download the Kai development kit to create your own gesture profiles if you have programming knowledge. The Kai has many functions including;

  • Used as a slider or pointer in presentations
  • Use it to draw images
  • To zoom in and out
  • Flip between channels on your TV
  • Use it to tune the volume for your TV
  • As a controller for games
  • Use it to control drones
Controlling drones
  • Use it in 3D design

In the box

  • Kai wristband
  • Documentation

You can order your version in either red, white, black or blue colors for 149$ via the link below.



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