The M2676 Electric fruit and vegetables peeler

If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen you often encounter fruits or vegetables that need peeling. In my opinion, peeling potatoes is the second least favorite thing i do in the kitchen, second to washing dishes. If you find peeling fruits and vegetables tiresome, the M2676 electric fruit peeler might just be the gadget you need.

The M2676 fruit peeler

The M2676 design

This gadget is made out of ABS material that is not only easy to clean but also durable. It’s dimensions being 14 * 14 * 29 cm. The base is heavier than the long arm on which the peeling knives are located. In addition to providing support, the base has an attachment that holds the fruit into position.

How it works

The peeler operates on electricity. It has an electric adapter to connect it to the socket and can also operate on 4 AA batteries. This means that you can use it both in your house or when going out for a picnic.

Before you start the machine, you have to pin your fruit or whatever you want to peel onto the attachment at the base. You then lower the other attachment at the top to hold firmly. Finally, start the machine and watch it do the magic.

The M2676 in action

This gadget is pretty useful as it:

  • Peels only the skin so no nutritious part is wasted
  • It is ultra safe since you don’t have to touch it while in operation
  • It is more hygienic than using a knife
  • It is easy to clean

In the box

  • 1 fruit peeler
  • Voltage adapter

The gadget ships in both black and white colors and is available for purchase online. For some reason, the black model is more expensive than the white one by around 10$.

If you wish to purchase this gadget, visit the link below



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