Apple and Google Face Rivalry from Huawei’s Harmony OS.

Last year after the US banned Chinese Mobile Company Huawei from freely trading with US- based companies, the company went ahead and launched its own Operating System. Harmony OS came as an answer to the dearly missed Google ecosystem.

The issue was that the Harmony Operating System was only unveiled in China, the Huawei Executive says Harmony is able to compete with the likes of Android (Google) and iOS (Apple) – the two most prominent mobile Operating Systems.

This is what Eric Tan, Huawei’s Vice President of consumer cloud services in its consumer business had to say, “Huawei is in a position to deliver an ecosystem that is in on par with Google’s and Apple’s ecosystems.”

The business man also added that they had the confidence and capability to be one of the top ecosystem developers in the entire world.The Vice President Eric Tan said that the Operating System has a strong proposition especially with its multi-platform support. The Harmony Operating System can be used by smartphones, wearable devices and even IoT.

For the past year Huawei has been relying on Google’s Android Operating System for some time and has been able to snatch an impressive market share in the smartphone industry. The company gained up some popularity by wrapping up 2019 as the second- largest smartphone supplier in the world.

According to the Vice President Eric Tan, that was not their initial target as the company planned to overtake Samsung Mobile before the year closed before the United States imposed its restrictions to the Chinese Mobile Company.

Despite the unfortunate happenings, Huawei has been investing billions in its own ecosystem dubbed Huawei Mobile Services (HMS), a Google Mobile Service alternative. The developer ecosystem alone has grown by an impressive 115% to 1.4 million developers by the end of March compared to a similar period last year.

However, the company’s experts argue that the company won’t have it easy with an in-house Operating System outside China, citing the technological dominance of US-based companies.


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