Whats up with the Premier League?

Cheers to all the football lovers in the house. There has been no action in the Premier League since Manchester United’s thrashing victory against their nemesis Manchester City at the Old Trafford to take their title as Manchester champions. Discussions have been ongoing as to when the competition may resume but up to this time nothing has yet been agreed. The Premier League continues to meet with representatives from all 20 clubs regarding when the season could potentially return, but nothing has yet been fundraised.

All the Premier League clubs have admitted that they want to end the season. There are still a combined 92 fixtures to be played among the sides in the Premier League this season. The vast majority of sides have nine fixtures remaining. Nothing has yet been decided this season, with Liverpool fans preying that the season can resume so that they can get to achieve their Premier League title which they had watched as it was awarder to the other teams for the last 30 years.

There are still battles at both ends of the table too, with teams competing for a place in next season’s Champions League, and sides looking not to fall into the hand of the dread-full relegation list of the Championship.

Well no one knows when the Premier League could resume as it is in the same position as the remaining Leagues in Europa, with UEFA also looking to pick the right time to resume the Champions League and Europa League.

It was revealed that the situation is changing daily, and the circumstances are being monitored. The Premier League admitted that they would only be able to resume play once the government has deemed it safe to do so. There hasn’t been any update regarding when that could be, and whether the action will take place behind closed doors. However, all clubs are united in their belief that the season must be completed.


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