Glitter of hope as Swvl resumes its services.

Later last year the swvl bus services ceased their operations due to an order from the NTSA claiming that the app-based public service transport operator had not been licensed either by the agency or the County Government of Nairobi to ply the routes it had been operating in.

The halt on their services led to an outrage by Kenyans on twitter who had really benefited from the Swvl bus operations.

Kenyans had been rallying behind the embattled shuttle-hailing service provider Swvl following the numerous problems the company has been having with the NTSA since its arrival to the commuter transport system.

The company was forces to halt their services on most routes in Nairobi later last year after the National Transport and Safety Authority asked the digital public transpoters to cease operations or face arrests for operating under tour service license but engaging in Commuter services.

Well the faves of Kenyans are now filled with happiness as the Egypt-based bus hailing app Swvl has finally complied with the transport regulator NTSA and given the green-light to resume its services to Kenyans. The General Manager for the Egypt based Swvl in Kenya Dip Patel said in a statement that the greenlight upper hand from the National Transport and Safety Authority will bring a massive improvement in the company.

Swvl has decided that after the lockdown and the reduction in the COVID 19 Pandemic the Egypt- based company will look into developing the regulatory frameworks in place to encompass user and industry- driven technological advancements which will help to fill the gap that still remains in regards to regulating technology platforms in the transport industry.

This is what Mr Patel had to say “ We have continued to engage with the NTSA to arrive at a framework that will support technology enabled transport solutions and take Kenya to the next level. This is because, at the wnd of the day, our objectives are the same.

The app based services allows users to book trips using their mobile devices. The applications notify the passengers of the nearest pick-up point, price and scheduled departure times.

The driver’s contacts and registration number of the vehicle as well as live map update appear on the app interface for easy identification once the bus arrives.

Well that is a really good news for all Swvl users who stood with the Swvl services dur their tough times.


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