Fujifilm X-T4. The perfect street camera.

The Fujifilm X-T4 is the company’s fastest high-end mirrorless interchangeable lens camera. It has a backside – illuminated X- Trans CMOS 4 APS-C sensor and an X- Processor 4 quad core and this means that it captures and processes images very fast. It also uses the Fujifilm X mount. The X-T4 is a weather resistant camera equipped with a new battery system designed to last longer. It is the successor to 2018’s X-T3, which was a little larger and heavier.

  • Maker: Fujifilm
  • Type: Mirrorless Camera
  • Lens mount: Fujifilm X
  • Lens: Interchangeable lens
  • Image Sensor Type: X- Trans CMOS 4
  • Image Sensor Size: 23.8mm x 15.6mm. (APS-C)
  • Image Sensor Maker: Sony
  • Maximum resolution: 6240 x 4160 (26.1 megapixels)
  • Recording medium: SD, SDHC, SDXC
  • Storage: SD card, dual slot

The X-T4 is capable of recording video in 4K resolution up to 60fps with a maximum bitrate of 400Mbit/s. The camera, styled after an SLR, is available in 2 colors, black and silver.

Compared to its predecessor X-T3, the X-T4 has better autofocus capability. Fujifilm says its subject tracking system now considers color and shape as well as distance information, and the performance boosts this brings is immediately noticeable. It can also shoot 240fps videos at 1080p. The X-T4 is build around a new shutter mechanism, which is one X-T2 shutter.

  • Key features of the X-T4
  1. 26.1 megapixels X-Trans CMOS 4 sensor.
  2. Autofocus joystick.
  3. 60fps shooting in 4K.
  4. Hybrid autofocus.
  5. A new filter, the Eterna Bleach Bypass film simulation.
  6. NP-W235 battery, a newly- developed high capacity battery that lasts approximately 500 frames per charge.
  7. Fully articulated touch screen.
  8. USB-C which can be used for charging battery.
  9. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity for connection and tagging via a smartphone.
  10. UHS-11 SD card dual slot with a removable SD card door.
  11. It is available in silver and black in a magnesium alloy body.

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