The LG OLED CX PVA is more than a smart TV

LG company is famous for the sound and picture quality of gadgets they produced. Recently, they released the LG OLED CX variant of smart TVs and let me show you how wonderful a television it is.


The TV ships in two sizes, 55 inches and 65 inches. It boasts an OLED 4K panel and utilizes the self lit pixels technology. This is where 100 million self lit pixels come together to deliver the next level of TV. This means that you get the richest color schemes, the deepest blacks and the most realistic picture quality.

The display resolution is 3840 * 2160 pixels.


Being a smart TV, the LG CX TV has the LG a9 gen3 AI processor for processing capability. The processor powers its AI that analyzes on screen content and tunes the audio and video quality automatically to deliver the most immersive experience.


The screen os loaded with many different options for its connectivity, including

  • 4 HDMI ports
  • 3 USB 3.0 ports
  • Bluetooth v 5.0
  • Wi-fi connectivity

Sound Quality

The a9 gen 3 processor is responsible for auto tuning your sound quality to provide immersive sound when you are watching or playing games. The screen utilizes Dolby Atmos technology for sound output via the speakers located at the bottom. You can plug in a headphone for your audio for whatever reason you may want to.

Other features

The TV can double as a central hub for commanding your home smart gadgets and it utilizes natural voice recognition to receive commands.

Filmmaker mode is a mode on the TV that will enable you to watch films in the same view as they are shown in cinemas.

The LG CX is among the first sets to offer NVIDIA G-sync capability. This means that your gaming experience will be levelled up so say goodbye to lagging and glitches while playing.

If at all you are into artificial intelligence and gaming, and your pocket runs deep, be sure to check out the TV in the link below



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