Popular apps to try this week

  • Scan guru: PDF Docs Scanner App

No one wants to waste money on visiting the cyber and getting your handwritten document scanned especially at this time of a pandemic due to financial issues..well there is an app specifically for you..Try the scan guru app which is found on the Google Play Store and App Store and get to scan your documents for free.

  • LinkedIn: Job Search & News

Well this comes at a time when people stay apart and at home to save lives in order to defeat the pandemic that is still creeping in our world. Well we don’t have to walk office to office in search of jobs all you need to do is download the app On Google Play Store and Apple Store. After that you need to fill in your profile and specifying your talents and career undertaken and choose your connections. with the correct connections your app will give you notifications of the latest jobs in town based on your specifications and abilities.

  • Netflix

This is the app that really gives me happy moments. Everyone wants to have daily updates on movies and TV Series around the world. Well Netflix has got you covered . By monthly subscriptions which are categorized in terms of Basic ,Standard and Premium one gets to enjoy the latest TV Series and movies Worldwide. the subscriptions are as low as 3.99$. You can get the app on Google Play store and Apple store.


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