This smart Ninja foodie cooker

If you ever think of purchasing a pressure cooker that does more than just pressure cook your food, be sure to check out the Ninja FOODI FD401 pressure cooker . In addition to pressure cooking your meals, you can air fry or roast your food in the cooker.


The ninja foodi cooker is made from stainless steel and has some plastic parts that acta as insulating material for the cooker, so be sure your cooker will last long. There is a LCD panel accompanied with some buttons and a knob to select the operation mode of the cooker and to set the controls. The pot has a ceramic nonstick coating on it so your foods won’t stick on it.

How the Ninja cooker works

The cooker operates on electricity so you have to plug it in. You should not plug it into an extension. The cooker’s lid is non-detatchable so you’ll have to place it somewhere with open space. Depending on what you want to do, you can either use the pressure cooking lid or the crisping lid. You place your food in the provided compartment and select the cooking mode you want.

The ninja cooker doubles as an oven, a steamer, a roaster, a dehydrator and a slow cooker so you have a variety of options. Start the cooker after selecting your option. You will be alerted when your food is ready.

An amazing mode to try is the air frying mode in which you can fry food with up yo 75% less fat as compared to the traditional frying method. The makers claim that you can prepare chicken from frozen state to crispy and tasty in just 20 minutes.

Since this is unlike the normal cooker, there is a cook book having recipes for you to try out. In addition to that, a well detailed user guide is also present in the box to help you navigate through the controls and master operation of the cooker.

You can order your cooker from amazon for under 400$ using the link below



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