How Kenyans and Facebook became lovers

Facebook is one of the first social media platform that Kenyans met and since then it has been the first step of every Kenyan who is venturing into the social media world.

Most Kenyans first started their social media experience by being Facebook members, 90% of Kenyans using social media platforms have a Facebook account.

We can’t be blamed for being obsessed with using Facebook. Those days when Facebook started emerging as a thing, it was the only place you thought you could have ever interacted with the whole world. The only place the extroverts and the introverts could fit comfortably

Kenyans were eager to join, the Facebook family in Kenya grew fast, kenyan groups and pages were created. Sharing of media increased, information moved rapidly. Kenyans became addicts of Facebook

The creation of groups and pages made more Kenyans interested to interact with a large audience. Sharing news, education, jokes and anything else that could be shared.


The fact that one could show the world his/her picture (s) was one reason why Kenyans felt flirted by Facebook. Most people could not resist the temptation to join the ruling platform. Not being a member of the Facebook community made you look stupid

Facebook became everything and it started running everything from businesses in Kenya to events to showcasing of talents and even to relationships.

Kenyans got the chance to hook up with new people, Facebook relationships became a thing and most people even got life partners from the platform.

Businesses got the chance to advertise their products to the aroused Kenyans who could not stop scrolling their phones liking and commenting.

Increase in the sale of smartphones was a result of everyone wanting to be part of the new generation way of interacting. From the learned to the dropouts this was a game for everyone.

Those who new how to register Facebook accounts felt like Kings in the new Facebook kingdom. This became business for a while, people crawled their way to cyber cafes to get a Facebook account.

With time Facebook was everything, the fact that Facebook has made more positive impact than negative impact.

The negative effects that came with Facebook are teenagers and the young could now be able to get easy access to immoral practices like pornographic content- Facebook has been trying to prevent such things in the platform.

As time went other platforms like Twitter, WhatsApp and Instagram now started becoming popular in Kenya than Facebook. Activities in Kenyan Facebook accounts started reducing as Kenyans tried venturing into the new platforms.




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