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You are at home bored, you can’t afford a paid subscription of movie streaming services and you need to watch a movie. If the previous sentence describes you, here are 3 alternative free websites you can use to download and stream your favourite movies or TV series for free.

1. Yesmovies movies

yesmovies home

This is a free website where you can find a scope of movies and TV shows dating from the early 200s. Be it action movies, horrors, thrillers, you name it. All of them are grouped in beautiful catalogues screaming, “watch me”.

The website has a beautiful home page with theme colors pink and black. All you have to do is enter the movie or TV show you want to watch into the search bar and Voila, you have your results. A list will show you the name of the movie alongside with its rating and the video quality.

Check out the website from the link below.


2. Xmovies

xmovies homepage

This is another free website for streaming the latest movies and TV series a short while after they are released. One thing i love about this website is that they have less advertisements so it is less irritating to watch here. The website also boasts a clean interface that is appealing to the eyes.

Check out the website in the link below.


3. Genvideos movies

Finally, we have this compact website for streaming free high quality movies. Genvideos is specifically inclined to only the latest movies so you won’t have any luck finding TV shows over here.

The site looks beautiful with the cover image of the video along with the rating and the video quality. I have not come across any movie with low quality here so you might as well check it out in the link below.



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