Simple Gadgets to gift your mother this Mother’s day- 2020

Mothers day 2020 is on Sunday 10 May. This is the day set aside to celebrate our mothers, the effort they have put in our lives. Mothers are great figures in our lives. Many of us without the discipline, advice and guidance our mothers have given us we would not be were we are.

Celebrating the mother figure is not just calling them and saying HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY or just visiting them. Its very important to gift your mother something to show how appreciative you are.

The world is moving into the technology seasons everybody is benefiting from technology. Everything has a technologised version of it there for givin gifts you should also consider tech trends.

Gifts to give your mother during mother’s day

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Yootech Wireless Charger

Surprise your mother with a wireless charger during this Mother’s day. A wireless charger may look like a simple gift but trust me most mothers have never seen a wireless charger in their lives.

Wireless chargers ease plugging and unplugging of phones – you just place your phone on the wireless charger for charging.


 Gift her a Bluetooth Tracker

You mother is probably aged and sincerely ad people lose memory once in a while. She may have been losing her keys in the house a lot obviously. This bluetooth tracking gadgets enables one to find lost items especially keys.

The gadgets makes the lost item ring and also you can see its location on your phone.  Using the FREE Safedome app which works on iOS and Android. you can Customize alerts, notifications and track your lost items on a map. “Ringing” the tracking device from the Safedome app will emit a sound of 88 decibels. The tracker can be used to track keys, your child’s favorite toy and any other item.




Most of our mothers are aged and probably using the old phones, its time to upgrade to a smartphone, gift your mother a smartphone this day. Here are the smartphones that can you can buy for her.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Plus

It is one of the best samsung smartphones in the world, it has amazing features such as more storage, long battery life and Fast charging. A smartphone like this will enable your mum to capture special moments, record important events with the magical video features that the camera offers.

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max

Apple gadgets are one of the amazing gadgets that you can find in the world. Legit and unique in different ways. Any apple gadget offered as a gift is worth it.

iPhone pro max is one of the best apple has to offer, here are the amazing features the phone gives.

  • Has triple-camera system with 12MP Ultra wide, wide, and telephoto cameras; night mode, Portrait mode, and 4K video up to 60fps- this feature provides the best experience when taking photos and videos
  • Fast Charge with 18W- long battery life


Smart Watch

Its time to keep time, gift your beloved mother a smart watch and celebrate her. A smartwatch signifies the time shes used to raise you.

The generation today has made everything smart- smartphones use operating systems the same way phone use OS. One advantage is that some smart watch can monitor heart rate. If your mother has issues with her health its high time you buy her a smartwatch.


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