Reason for the National power blackout

The whole country woke up to the news of a National blackout, No electricity. The national blackout started at 5:49am and has affected major industries such as Hospitals ( Kenyatta National Hospital has also being affected). Jommo Kenyatta international airport has also been affected.

Kenya power statement to the public :

“We have lost power supply in the national grid due to a system disturbance which occurred on our transmission network at 5.49am.”

Kenya power statement.
Kenya power

The main reason of the blackout is system disturbance.

It seems that excess rain has affected power and water supply especially in Nairobi, water shortages have been reported in many estates in Nairobi. Water vendors have increased the price of water.20 litre costs around 80-100 .

Kenya power announced an upsurge in water levels in key hydroelectricity dams as a result of heavy rains and flooding in parts of the country.

Masinga dam was reported to be have exceeded its reservoir capacity reaching a historic 1,057.9 meters above the sea level.

Its clear that the government has failed as a nation, lack of preparedness to handle such situations. Each year dams flood that should be reason enough for the government to strategise how to effectively use the resources God provides.

It is not known when the electricity will be fully functioning.


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